True Quest Review

The True Quest trike is a nice entry level Delta style trike. The Quest has many of the same great features as the Sun Seeker recumbent trikes, the closet being the Tri-Classic SX from Sun. Many of the parts are the same between these two brands and they are both manufactured in Taiwan. The bicycle industry is changing quickly, for the past fifteen years there has been a push to leave Taiwan and have product made in China because of the extra low labor cost. China’s labor cost have been rising at 10-15% per year and now China is losing manufacturing to countries like Cambodia. Bicycle manufactures are starting to make a shift away from China. Taiwan and Cambodia are looking more favorable. Cambodia brings very low labor cost and motivated workers where Taiwan bring high quality manufacturing. Companies like Sun, True, ICE, Hp Velotechnik, Greenspeed and Terratrike all choose the highroad on quality and choose to have there frames manufactured in Taiwan.

Frame: The frame on the Quest is beautifully constructed. The Tig welding on the Cro-Moly frame is consistent and smooth, I found no gaps in the welding or imperfections. The frame is one of the big differences between the True Quest and Sun Seeker trikes. The Quest had a lower step over so getting on and off the Quest will be easier than the Sun Seeker for some people. The other difference is that we like the way the Quest seat attached over the Sun Seeker. The Quest seat attached securely and was easily adjusted by choosing one of the series of hole in the trike frame and seat frame.

Paint: The paint was applied evenly and consistently with no thin spots or runs. The paint looked to be very generously applied. The paint looked to be a baked on enamel that has a very nice shine and smoothness finish. The paint job looked to be very high quality and should last the life of the trike easily.

Drive Train: The True Quest comes with a SRAM 21 speed drive train and grip type shifters. The stock 21 speed drive train gives most riders enough gears to to conquer just about any hill they can find.

Brakes: The brakes are fairly typical, True Bicycle used a “V” brake for the front and a disc brake for the rear. The both brake levers have a parking lock where there is a button on the brake lever that you can push and lock the brake in the on position.

Seat: One of our most loved features is the adjustable padded contoured mesh seat with full back support. The Quest seat was wide and comfortable and fit our testers well. The seat can be easily adjusted forward and backward for different height riders by the one quick releases under set seat with out the need for any tools. The seat angle has a very wide range of adjust-ability and will suit people well who are looking for a very upright seated position. The breathable mesh seat fabric can accommodate people up to 300 Lbs. We preferred the way the Quest seat attached to the frame over the Sun Seeker but both seat attachment were easy to use and worked well.

Ride: The ride between the True Quest and Sun Seeker trike are very close. The width and length of both trikes are the same. We found the Quest to be very maneuverable and steered easily and predictable. The frame on the Quest absorbed the bumps nicely. The seat height was a 1/2” higher on the Quest than the Sun Seeker. We did prefer the seat style on the Quest over the Sun Seeker it was wide, more comfortable and offered more support. The Quest rolled well with the stock Kenda Kwest tires which you see used on a lot of brand trikes. We did like that the Quest came with three twenty inch wheels whereas the Sun Seeker came with two twenty inch rear wheel and a sixteen inch wheel the front.

Accessories: There are lot of options available for the True Quest. True Bicycles produce a very nice polycarbonite fender set and a very nice rear basket specifically for the Quest. Other popular accessories are safety flags, front and rear lights, mirrors, luggage racks and bags. According to True Bicycles electric motor kits are are one of the top selling add-on sales to the quest. Though the True Quest is designed with comfort in mind, the trike is perfect for intermediate and casual riders looking for some light touring, commuting or just plain bike path fun.

In Conclusions: Comparing the True Quest to the Sun Seeker, both trikes are very similar and share a lot of the same parts. But the win goes to True Bicycles on design, component choices and comfort. True Bicycle and Sun both offer high quality tricycle for a reasonable price.


  • A very comfortable seat
  • Easier to get on and off of compared to a tadpole style trike
  • Low price
  • Ability to easily add a front wheel motor kit


  • A little less stable than a Tadpole style trike due to the higher seat height and the one wheel in front rather than two

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Trike Detailed Specifics


  • Seat height: 22.5″ (571.5 mm)
  • Seat angle:

Wheels and Tires

  • Wheel size (front wheel): 20×1.50 BW Kenda Kwest
  • Wheel size (rear wheel): 20×1.50 BW Kenda Kwest


  • Bottom bracket height:
  • Ground clearance:
  • Wheelbase: 56.5″ (1435 mm)
  • Total width:
  • Total length: 74″ (1879.6 mm)
  • Total height:


  • Weight: 55.5 lbs (25 kg)
  • Max payload: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Frame material: High tensile TIG welded steel
  • X-Seam Range: 34 – 48″ (863.6 – 1219 mm)