Hp Velotechnik Gekko FX Review

Hp Velotechnik Gekko FX

Hp Velotechnik Gekko FX 20, Gekko FX 26 Posted on June 2, 2020

The Hp Velotechnik Gekko FX 20 and Gekko FX 26 are non suspended aluminum folding trikes. Hp Velotechnik claims the trike can be folded as fast as 7-8 seconds but, the fastest I could do it, is ten seconds. I know what you’re thinking, my wife thinks I should be able to get jobs completed around the house faster than they happen, just like folding this trike. I guess I am about two seconds off the back on more than one thing in life. There are two ways to get a Gekko from Hp Velotechnik. You can get a highly customized Gekko FX 20 or Gekko FX 26 from Germany or, the same trike in the USA but with only a few options. Getting the Gekko from Germany will cost you a bit more but you can get it the way you like.

Frame: The frame on the Hp Velotechnik Gekko’s are beautifully constructed. The TIG welding on the Aluminum frame is consistent and smooth; I found no gaps in the welding or imperfections. I would say it is as perfect as it gets. The hinge is very solid and well made; we got zero flex out of the hinge in our testing. Both the Gekko FX 20 and Gekko FX 26 have a flat fold design. The seat does not have to be removed like other trikes on the market. The rear of the trike folds uniquely under the trike rather than on top of the trike, like most brands.

Paint: It’s paint was very nice. It was applied evenly and consistently with no thin spots or runs and looked to be very generously applied. The paint looked to be a candy apple paint job, where you are looking through the red or blue into the silver primer below. HP’s paint job looked to be very high quality and should last the life of the trike.

Drive Train: The Gekko FX 20 and Gekko FX 26 comes with a SRAM X4/X5 twenty four speed drive train and grip type shifters. The stock 24 speed drive train gives most riders enough gears to conquer just about any hill they can find. Hp Velotechnik chose a Truvativ ISOflow alloy crank 170 mm long with 52/42/30 chain rings and a sealed Truvativ bottom bracket.

Brakes: The brakes are Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes which do an excellent job in stopping the trike. Not only does the Shimano brakes work very well, but the brake pads are readily available at most bike shops. Most people add the remote parking brake which is very easy to use.  If you are very weight conscious, you can use a small piece of Velcro and wrap it around the handle bar and brake lever as an extra measure.

Seat: The bottom of the seat is in a fixed position with a reciprocated breathable foam pad for extra comfort. The seat back mesh is very breathable, and the angle can be adjusted from 33-42 degrees. There is extra padding on the side which not only gives extra comfort but also helps to hold the rider in the seat better. I liked the extra padding on the seat fabric and the straps to hold the seat fabric to the seat frame were easily adjustable. The breathable mesh seat fabric can accommodated people up to 287 Lbs.  Hp Velotechnik has now come up with a seat angle adjustable bracket for the Gekko allowing the rider to increase the seat angle all the way up to 51 degrees.

Ride: The ride, well, if I had to use one word, it would be awesome or maybe comfortable or maybe spirited, or maybe fun, or maybe I just could not decide which word to use. The Gekko FX 20 and Gekko FX 26 handling is just perfect, back to that one word again. As for the ride between the Gekko FX 20 and Gekko FX 26, I would say close. The Gekko FX 26 has a slightly smoother ride due to the larger 26 inch rear wheel. The 26 inch rear wheel will also give you a higher range on all your gears but you have to decide which is the best choice for you, 20 or 26 inch. As for the Gekko FX 20, the 20 inch rear wheels advantages can be that it will be easier to climb a very steep hill due to the lower gear ratio. Other advantages are the Gekko FX 20 folds smaller, is a bit lighter, and the 20 inch rear wheel will be stronger that a 26 inch rear wheel. With a seat height of 35 cm, the Gekko FX has a slightly higher seat height than the ICE Sprint, which is 20 cm and the TW-Bents Artifice, which is 29cm. The Gekko’s come with Schwalbe tires, which have a very good roll and still offer a good amount of flat tire resistance and comfort.

Accessories: There are lots of options available for the Gekko Trikes. The most popular accessories are rear rack, neck rest, B and M mirrors, and mudguards. Other popular accessories are safety flags, front and rear lights, and motor kits.

In Conclusions: If you want a trike without a suspension, you simply can not go wrong with either one of the Gekko FX 20 or Gekko FX 26.

Pros: Quality, attention to detail and just perfect handling, only 34.8 Lbs.

Cons: Some people may find the folding under of the rear wheel more difficult to fold than trikes like the ICE Sprint or TW-Bents Artifice.

Best place to buy: Your local Hp Velotechnik Dealer or www.industrialbicycles.com



  • Great Quality
  • Perfect Handling
  • Only 34.8 Lbs


  • Wheel folds under which can be more difficult

Best Place to Buy:

Hp Velotechnik Gekko FX Folding
Hp Velotechnik Gekko FX 26 Mudguard


  • Height:13.7″ (348 mm)
  • Angle:39-47º

Wheels and Tires

  • Front wheel size: 20″ Schwalbe Road Cruiser 47 mm
  • Rear wheel size: 20″/26″ Schwalbe Road Cruiser 47 mm
  • Max. tire width: 2″ (5 cm)


  • Bottom bracket height: 15-19″ (38-48 cm)
  • Ground clearance: 5.125″ (13 cm)
  • Wheelbase: 45″ (114 cm)
  • Track width: 31″ (78 cm)
  • Total width:33″ (83 cm)
  • Total length:73-86″ (187-219 cm)
  • Total height:32.7″ (83.06 cm)
  • Turning circle:15.25′ (4.65 m)
  • Folded size:32 x 23 x 42″ (813 x 584 x 1067 mm)


  • Bottom bracket standard: BSA 68 mm
  • Weight:39 lbs (16.7 kg)
  • Max payload:286 lbs (130 kg)
  • Frame material: Aluminum 7005 T6 heat treated
  • Rider Height: 5’3″ – 6’6″ (1.6 – 2 m)