Mantis Trike Review

mantis trike

Mantis Folding Trike Review Posted on 11-22-15

If you are looking for the lowest price folding trike on the market you just found it.  The Mantis come only one way and that is a single speed freewheel with a front hand brake.  Folding trikes can be very practical for people needing to transport there trike often.   The handlebars were easily removable with a quick release lever on top of the handlebar stem.  The seat and seat post can either be removed easily or lowered down by using the quick release seat post clamp.  Our test trike seat post clam did not hold well and the seat post kept moving inside the frame, we finally replaced the quick release with a nut and bolt which worked fine.
Frame: The frame is made out of steel that is Tig welded together. The welds were adequate to join the tubes together but nothing to brag about .  The Mantis did fold fine but had a higher step over height than other similar trike we reviewed.
Drive Train:  One choice is all you get, single speed freewheel.  The gearing seemed to be just right, not too easy or not too hard.  The chain is a standard 1/2 x 1/8 that you can find at any bike shop. The crank is a simple one piece design with a traditional American bottom bracket.
Ride: The Mantis weight is 47 Lbs. which is manageable for most people.  The Mantis turned well and we were able to turn around in a very small area due to it short wheelbase.  Now this is where things really turned bad for the Mantis, We felt unstable on the trike.  Siting up high compared to a recumbent trike is only part of the story.  We felt that the suspension fork was where most of the unstable feeling was coming from.  If you look at the other trikes in our reviews they are the same size but all used a rigid fork.
Summary: It’s the lowest price trike in our review, and the old saying goes you get what you pay for.  Spend a few dollars more and buy the True Bicycle Fold and Go.
Pros: Low price, seat was comfortable enough and the trike folded.
Cons: Unstable and low quality, no replacement parts are available, no dealer network, you will regret you purchase.

Best place to Buy: Amazon