Sun Seeker Fat Tad


Sun Seeker Fat Tad Review on December 14, 2020

You can not help yourself; you know you would look cool riding this trike, you would ride it by your neighbors houses, in the park, around town and everywhere there are people.  You know your coolness factor would be at level ten, well at least when you are riding the trike.  Even thought you would be turning lots of heads and getting lot of people pointing fingers at you, that is not what this trike is really about.  With those super fat tires and twenty four speeds the Sun Seeker Fat Tad is really a trike best suited for gravel roads, trail through the woods, and on the beach.  The Fat Tad is capable of just going where other trike cant.

Frame: Surprisingly enough the frame is 100% Chro-moly steel that is TIG welded together. I was a bit surprised to see Sun using the much higher grad Chro-moly steel on this trike rather than just the high-tinsel steel like on most of Sun’s other trikes. The frame is well put together and come with a lifetime warranty.

Paint: Red, that all you get, not the best color when you are running from the cops but at least it makes you more visible.  I have seen thousands of Sun trikes and the paint jobs are never lacking, just high quality and consistent.

Drive Train:  The Drivetrain is a 24 speed SRAM X4 with a grip type shifter.  I am glad that Sun chose the SRAM X4 derailleur rather than going down one level to the less expensive X3.  The SRAM X4 derailleur shifts pretty well and the Sun Race front derailleur shifted very well for a low cost front derailleur.  The crank is a nice looking alloy crank with 22/32/42 tooth chain rings which gives this trike a nice low range set of gears.

Brakes: The Sun chose the Promax mechanical 160mm disc brakes with Promax brake levers.  The brakes stop very well for a low cost braking system.  The Promax brake levers have a built in parking brake so you can park your trike on a hill and your trike will not roll away.

Seat: Sun has produced a very nice seat for the Fat Tad with a breathable foam pad in the bottom and a nice breathable seat mesh on the back.  The seat is a bit wider than most recumbent seats and I found it to be comfortable.   The seat angle is easily adjustable with the two seat strut rods that attach to the seat frame and trike frame.  The seat angle can be adjusted on the fly with no tools, all you have to do is remove the two quick release pins, adjust the seat angle and reinsert the pins back inside the seat strut rods.  The Sun Fat Tad seat frame has two set of mount so you can add two waterbottle behind the seat.

Wheels: Massive four inch wide tire with extra wide alloy rims.  The alloy rims have cut outs to lighten the rims and the wheels are built on alloy hubs with stainless steel spokes.

Ride: With the Sun Fat Tad tall seat height, wide soft tired and suspension front and rear, riding the Fat Tad is like driving a large lifted 4×4 pickup truck with big mud tires.   The rear swing arm is extra long on the trike which can be good and bad.  The length of the swing arm improves the ride quality and even adds stability to the trike.  The negative to having a long swing arm is if you are climbing a steep hill with loose dirt there is less weigh on the tire which means it would have less traction.  I feel very few people would be riding this trike under these circumstances and for the person who whishes to just ride something like a gravel road having the longer swing arm is a plus. The rear shock can be adjusted for rider weight and rider preference easily by just adding more compression to the spring.  The front suspension on this trike is a disappointment, the front suspension has so much stiction in the shocks it barely move on small to medium size bumps.  Overall having suspension is a nice plus, it adds a lot of comfort to any trike over a rigid trike frame.  Fat tire also add comfort and control to the trike but a cost of efficiency.  Now if you put a motor kit on this trike so you do not have to do all the work I think trike becomes a pretty cool trike to have.  Sun Will be offering the Fat Tad with a motor kit for 2021 it will be a 500 Watt system wit a 48Volt 10Ah batter mounted on a rack over the rear wheel.  The Sun fat tad can accommodate people with and X-Seam between 37 and 50.5 inches so it will fit almost everyone.

In conclusion: If you are going to ride gravel road, trail through the woods or on rough unpaved surfaces this could be a good choice.  If you are going to ride on pavement I would recommend a different trike.

Pros: Full Suspension, Strong, Durable, dependable, able to go where other trikes can not, plus makes you look cooler.

Cons: Havy and slow, front suspension has a lot of stiction and is a disappointment.

Compare with Trident terraon, ICE Full Fat, Hp Velotechnik Enduro and TerraTrike Rambler All Terrain

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