True Bicycles Journey


True Bicycle: Journey, Review on January 4, 1017

As of 9-25-21 This trike is out of production

The True Bicycles Journey Series of trikes is more versatile than other trikes of similar design.  Some of the features that set the Journey above some of the other trikes on the market are; Six speeds, larger rear basket, fenders, more adjustable seat height, wider tires, two hand brakes, and a seat with springs.

Frame:  The frame is made of high tensil steel that is Tig welded together, the welding is clean and consistent.  The paint on our test trike is a nice medium blue metallic that was sprayed on evenly and consistently.
Gearing: Our test trike came with a Shimano six speed derailleur system which worked nicely.  Most adult tricycles have only one speed or three speeds, so having a much wider range can come in very handy if it might be hilly where you live.
Braking: The braking on our Journey trike was handled by the rear band brake that is attached to the rear axle.  Band brakes are the most common brakes outside north America and used exclusively in third world countries because of their simplicity and reliability.  The Journey also comes with a front V brakes which stopped our trike just fine.
Seat: The stock seat was wide and comfortable with rear springs underneath, it felt fine for our day testing the trike.  The seat and seat pole is the same arrangement that you will find on most any bikes on the market.  The seat can be easily adjusted up and down with the seat quick release.  This tradition seat/seat pole arrangement let us get the seat much higher than on the Sun Traditional or Trailmate trikes.  For people with long legs or people with bad knees, this is a nice advantage over the other trikes on the market.  The Journey can also be outfitted with the super wide seat used on the Sun Traditional for an upgrade.  If you choose the super wide seat, you will have support rods that come from the seat to the frame like the Sun Traditional Trike.  According to the people at True Bicycles, the super wide seat will put the rider farther back on the trike, adding to the trikes stability but limiting the seat height adjustability.

The Journey tricycle is perfect for shorter riders, it is ideal for people between 4’-6’’ and 6’-2’’.  The trike came with 24×2.125 tires which gave the Journey a slightly softer ride and would be a bit better on gravel and loose dirt.  Our Journey weighed 63.5 lbs., which is about average for this type of trike.

Pros: Six speeds to choose from to make pedaling easier.  The trike comes with a nice blue metallic paint with front and rear fenders painted to match.  We liked the fenders which are about a sixty dollar upgrade on most other trikes.  The Journey also came with an adjustable angle handlebar stem so you can easily adjust to get your perfect fit on the trike.

Cons: A lower step over on the frame may be important for people with mobility issues.
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