Sun Traditional Trike Review

Sun Traditional Trike

Sun Traditional Trike

Pros: If you’ve got bicycling on your mind but crave the added stability and comfort of a three wheeler, then the Miami Sun is just what you’re looking for. This user-friendly trike uses 24″ wheels and a custom frame design to give you an extremely low step-through for easy on and off access. Once seated you immediately notice the impressive comfort of the famous western style saddle. If bigger is better, then we’ve hit pay dirt with this saddle. Additionally, the trike comes with weight saving alloy rims, a front fender and a vinyl coated rear basket for easy trips to the market or your favorite shops. It’s been a best-seller for years, for good reason.  Available in a variety of colors to suit any taste.

Cons: Not much we can find fault with, The Miami Sun trikes was easy to assemble and everything fit together well.  The only thing we could have hoped for was a bit more adjustment with the seat height, and a smother welding on the frame.
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  • High-tensile steel ultra-low 15.5″ step-through frame
  • Lightweight alloy 24″ wheels
  • High-rise handlebars
  • Alloy v-brake front handbrake
  • Single-speed gearing
  • Western style saddle with adjustable rear struts
  • Vinyl-coated basket, 21″x15″x9″
  • 250 Pound Limit (Rider and Cargo Combined)
  • Outer Dimensions (30.25″ Wide x 68″ Long)

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43 comments on “Sun Traditional Trike Review
  1. James Taylor says:

    Is the Miami Sun Trike suitable for a 6 foot tall person? Are there parts that have to be acquired separately? – James Taylor

    • brian says:

      Yes, the Sun Traditional will fit someone 6′-0” I would recommend a recumbent though so you can streatch out you legs. You will feel a bit cramped on the Sun Traditional

  2. Dot says:

    Everything looks good about this trike except for the high handle bars. Can you substitute another style of handle bar?

  3. Verna says:

    Which is the best trike to convert to electric? Or do you already have one? Thank you

    • brian says:

      Most trike can be converted easily by adding an electric motor kit to the trike. If you look at a trike like the True Bicycles Freedom you will see the trike has all the wiring ran through the inside of the frame for a much nice look.

  4. Mary says:

    Am just going over for my bike shop to measure me for this bike, was a gift and I’m hoping make the right choice….after reading reviews here, I’m very pleased…thanks!

  5. Senior says:

    Brian, I would like advice on the type of bike to get for a both knees done knee replacements person such as I, and I’m a senior. Do I get the Sun trike or get a Loop folding bike and get adult training wheels put on for balance? I got the loop because I thought that it would be easier for me to get back to biking for exercise, and it is just 20 inch wheels. No balance now.

  6. James says:

    Noticed the weight limit of 25 lbs. Is there a version of this that can handle a 300 lb person?

  7. Marilee Rogers says:

    Can I add a 3speed to my sun traditional trike ?………I would like to go up inclines easier….because trying to walk this trike is an issue with the back wheels running into your leg all the time.

  8. Michael Wiggins says:

    I have a Sun traditional trike bought last year. I would like to convert it to electric assist . Are there any kits that you would recommend for this model?

    • brian says:

      You can see both Direct Drive and Gear drive motor here
      Direct drive offers the most power and torque and Gear drive motors are a bit more efficient and a slight bit lighter. If you are above 220 Lbs choose the Direct Drive or if it is hilly where you will be riding choose the Direct Drive. The battery is just as important, 48 Volt will give more power than 36 Volt.

  9. Claire says:

    I have just bought this trike and am finding it very scary to ride. It seems to have a mind of its own. It veers to the right and seems most unhappy if there is even a slight incline either up or down or from one side to the side. Tricks to safe riding?

    • brian says:

      That is some of the negatives of a traditional delta style of trike. A recumbent with a low seat height would be more stable.

  10. Pat McBain says:

    I am thinking of buying either a Sun Traditional Trike or a Trailmate Desoto Classic. I’ll be using the trike to get some exercise and run errands. Which of these would you recommend and why? Thanks!

  11. Tina Mooney says:

    I happily got to test drive this trike by renting it for a few hours at a local bike shop near a bike trail. I thought I was going to love the “tractor” or “saddle” style seat and was thinking about even ordering a seat like it with a back. Turns out it was waaaaaay too wide for my legs and I wound up with a bruise on my inner thighs, so I’ll need to buy a more traditional seat instead. Other than that I like the trike a lot.

  12. Marie Foti says:

    I just bought Miami Sun n adult trike. Need heavy duty cover is one made for cold snowy day weather? May be interested in electric kit

  13. D Van Fossen says:

    Sku: 68719 anything can be done to increase weight limit to 325 lbs

    • brian says:

      No the rear axle and wheels will only do 250Lbs. Look at the Husky T-326, Husky T-124 and True Bicycles Carry All. They all have weight limits of 500Lbs Plus

  14. Cheryl says:

    I am looking for a three wheel bike that is easy to pedal and will go up hills. I have a Schwinn Meridian and the gear ratio is so low that I only can only enjoy riding it on flat roads. Any suggestions for what would be a good brand that would suit my needs?

  15. Amy says:

    Can a regular, smaller bike seat such as a cruiser seat be used in place of the larger tractor type seat on the Sun Trike? It would be for my 13 year old daughter and the seat is much too wide.

  16. Don Harrison says:

    I purchased a Sun Traditional and installed a lower geared sprocket and moved the seat farther back which makes for a super tricycle,I’m six feet tall

  17. Thomas Ehrlich says:

    Do you have a trike that has a separate axle for each back wheel so that the trike stays stable going over curbs? If so, please send the website.

    • brian says:

      Traimate trikes have a a separate axle for each rear wheel but will offer no extra benefit or stability for going over curbs.

  18. I just bought a used Sun Miami 24 “ . The tires feel like they need air . How may lbs air in each tire is recommended.?

  19. Steve says:

    wed have purchased our son with Down syndrome a used Miami Sun tricycle. Them chain is extremely loose has lots of slack and is now falling off regularly. Are replacement chains available ? are they a standard size. I have tried to adjust the frame to make it tighter but seems not to work.

  20. Donald Schoenberg says:

    How much does the 1 speed Sun trike weigh?

  21. Barbara fox says:

    Can u add the back rest to the sun tricyle or do you need an entire new seat with the back

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