Cruise Master Trike Review

Cruisemaster Review on August 1, 2021

The Cruise Master is a very nice trike that comes with some extras that you have to pay extra for on other brands of trikes.  Most people want a trike with fenders front and rear and the Cruise Master come with fenders front and rear that are painted to match the trike.  I like plastic fenders best but you just do not see them used on traditional style trikes only recumbents.   Chrome plated fender are undesirable because they rust so quickly in areas with high amounts of salt air and humidity. The Cruise Master does come with an oversize basket that is both larger and deeper than other brands.

Frame: The frame is made from steel that is TIG welded together and is of high quality construction.  The frame tubing is oversize and has an extensive about of shaping. The front of the frame bolts together to the rear frame like most other brands with four simple carriage bolts.  The most unique feature to the Cruise Master trike is it very low frame step over.  The step over on the Cruise Master is only 7 1/2 inches where most other brands are between 15.5 inches and 18 inches. The manufacture gives the trike a 350 Lbs weight capacity which is slightly more than most brands at 270 to 300 Lbs.  The seat tube on the frame is a bit longer than other trikes, if you are tall this is a good thing and if you are vertically challenged you might not be able to get the seat low enough.  With the seat all the way down you will need a minimum inseam length of 27 1/2 inches.

Paint: The paint is sprayed on evenly and consistently with no thin spots although the paint did seem to chip fairly easily.

Drive Train:  Available in single speed with coaster brake but can be upgraded to three speed with a coaster brake or five speed with a coaster brake.  No corners cut here, genuine Shimano coaster brake not some no name Chinese brand that no one has here’d of.  I would bet that the Shimano coaster brake is triple the cost of the Chinese brand coaster brakes.

Brakes: Front V Brake that is welded to the fork with a brake lever that has a parking brake.  The brake stopped as good as any bike with a V brake and Shimano has the best coaster brake on the market.

Seat: The seat is ten inches wide and comes with springs, it is fairly typical seat for a trike.  I found it to be comfortable enough for a short ride but you can easily upgrade to a wider, softer seat if you desire.

Wheels:  Single wall twenty four inch aluminum wheels with 24×1.75 street tires.  The wheels are well made and equal quality to the wheels you would find on other brands of trikes like Sun and Trailmate.

Ride: The ride is about what you might expect on this type of trike.  The trike is slightly more maneuverable than the Sun Traditional and Trailmate Desoto and Trailmate Regal.  The feel of the Cruise Master is more like a traditional two wheel bike where as the crank is more underneath of you.  Both the Sun Traditional trike and the Trailmate trikes have a more pedal forward design.  Pedal forward design trikes are less efficient but some people claim it is easier in there knees.  If you have the seat to low on any bike or trike you will be putting more strain on your knees.  With the Cruise Master you can stand up and ride which can be a help on a big hill, on the pedal forward trikes it feels kind of awkward to ride while standing.

In conclusion: This is a very nice trike for a reasonable price, it should give anyone years of enjoyment and reliability.

Pros: Super low step over so getting on and off the trike is easier, rear fender come with the trike, and a genuine Shimano coaster brake.

Cons: The only fault I can find with the trike was that I thought the paint chipped fairly easily.

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