Amazon Adult Trike Review

Amazon Adult Trike Review on August 14, 2020

This trike is one of the worst quality products I have ever seen in the bicycle industry and I have been in the bike industry for over forty years.  This Chinese company is selling these trikes on Amazon, for $317.66 with free shipping!  WOW doesn’t that sound amazing, how can this compamy do a trike so much less expensive than anyone else? Ask yourself that question again “how can this company do a trike so much less expensive that anyone else” Answer, You have to sacrifice quality at every opportunity that there is available.

Frame: The description on Amazon says the frame is made out of Iron.  The frame is not made out of Iron just some low grade steel.

Paint: It’s painted, what can you expect for $317.66

Drive Train:  Seven speed with a no name rear derailleur.

Brakes: Front V Brake and rear band brake.  Front brake worked ok but rear brand brake did not work well.

Seat: Back rest was too small, to low and gave no support. The back rest was fixed to the bottom of the seat and is not adjustable. No matter thought on the back rest, you will find the seat uncomfortable and will have to replace it anyway.  If you need any back support you should be buying a recumbent trike rather than an upright trike.

Wheels: Actually the rims were aluminum which was a surprise, they could have saved twenty five cent per wheel by using steel rather than aluminum.

Ride: The distance between the seat and handlebars was fairly close; this gave the trike a small feel but also gave it a less steady feel. The head angle is steeper than the trikes by Sun or Trailmate.  The steep head angle made the trike steer quickly, probably not what most people looking for in an adult tricycle.  If you look at the Sun and Trailmate brands in comparison you set much farther back on the trike adding safety and stability to the trike.

In conclusion: This trike is junk! Do not waist your money.  Notice how there are on decals on the trike and name plate, kind of tell you how proud the company is of there product. The company has a YouTube assembly video you should watch it.

Pros: If you buy it you are only out $317.66

Cons: This has to be one of the most difficult tricycle to put together on the market.  I have put two of these trikes together and so many problems.

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Best place to buy: Nowhere just do not do it!