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Trident Spike,
Posted on November 13, 2015

The Trident Spike premiered in 2010, and with some changes over time, it is truly a contender for being the best entry level trike around. Trident is big on value, and you will be surprised how much you get for your money.  This trike will get you off the couch enjoying the sun and fresh air while you reconnect with nature because Spike is perfect for parks and trails. Or perhaps the easy pedaling and direct steering will prompt you to get to know your neighbors and local businesses again. Everyone will want to know about your trike; it happens to all trike owners.  There are now 4 versions of the Spike to choose from.
Frame: The Spike frame is made out of Chro-Moly steel, TIG welded together with a telescoping aluminum boom. It is really amazing that Trident was able to offer so much value in the Spike frame. The welds are precise and consistent on the Spike and better than can be expected, on a trike in this entry level price range. Other entry level trikes on the market use bushing in their front end, not Trident They use actual bicycle headsets which are much better. The headsets make the steering much lighter in feel and can be adjusted where trikes with bushings, will get a looser feel with age. The Trident Spike can be folded very easily by removing the seat with the two quick release levers and then using the quick release lever on the frame. I will have to say that the Trident Spike folds easier than some trikes costing almost triple the price. The hinge looked to be well made and Trident gives the trike a 275 l weight capacity. Trident also makes an extra long boom for the Spike .
Paint: You can not see your reflection in the paint but the paint is more than adequate. The paint is a powder coat that is applied generously and should last the life of the trike.
Drivetrain: The drivetrains are what really make most of the Trident Spike models different than the next.
Spike 1 – 7 speed Shimano Tourney rear derailleur with a Shimano Revo grip type shifter.
Spike 2 – Upgrades include a Truvativ Triple Crankset, Microshift Front Derailleur, Microshift Marvo LE Rear Derailleur, an 8 Speed 11-32 Cassette, and finally Avid BB5 Disc Brakes
Spike 360 For those who would rather not have a derailleur system. The Spike 360 features the Nuvinci N360 system infinitely adjustable rear hub which has a range of 360 degrees as well as Schwalbe Big Apple Tires and Avid BB5 Brakes.
E Spike – is a modified 8 Speed, Spike 1- It uses an integrated system by a Japanese company called Dapu. It features a 350W Geared Hub Motor, a special Crank with sensors, a 36V 13 AH rack mounted battery with built in light, and a digital display. With this system, you can choose between throttle only or 6 different levels of pedal assist. The 36v 13AH battery is much larger than other manufacturers use and will give you a much longer range- about 30 miles electric only and up to 75 miles using pedal assist. This entire package only adds 18.5 lbs to a Spike! Schwalbe Big Apple 20 x 2.0 Tires , Microshift Trigger Shifter, and Avid BB5 Brakes are standard equipment.
Brakes: Trident Spike 1, uses disc brakes made by Promax. The Promax brakes stop well enough. All other Trident Spikes get upgraded brakes to the Avid BB5. The Avid BB5 are a nice step up from the Promax brakes. The Avid brakes are my favorite non hydraulic disc brakes. They just work so well, are very easy to adjust and you can get replacement brake pads at just about any bike shop. The brake levers have a parking lock where there is a button on the brake lever that you can push and lock the brakes in the on position.
Seat: The seat on the Trident Spike is very adjustable. The seat height can be adjusted from 14 5/8 to 16 ½ inches. This makes the seat on the Trident Spike not only one of the most adjustable, but one of the trikes that has the highest seat heights on the market as well. The seat angle can easily be adjusted with one quick release lever from 42 – 52 degrees. Tridents new seat frame is made of aluminum and much nicer than there older version that was made out of steel. The new aluminum seat frame received some new shaping and fit my lower back and bottom well. The seat fabric is a padded breathable fabric that is well made. The seat fabric has a reflective strip across the top and a nice zipper pocket. The seat is a bit wider and taller than most other trike brand seats, which is a good thing. The Trident Spike seat width measured 16 inches and the height measured 22 inches. Most people should have no problem getting in and out of the Spike. Even if the seat is in it lowest position it is still higher than a lot of other trikes on the market.
Ride: Entry level riders fear neck strain of the layback recumbent trikes, but there are no worries with Trident Spike’s upright seating position. Trident uses direct steering on the Spike and indirect steering in there Stowaway and Transport, which are their two next trikes up in quality and features. I am a bit more of a fan of the indirect steering but the direct steering got me to where I was going with no problem. I understand why Trident uses direct steering on the Spike, it is just simpler and easier to manufacture which keeps their cost down. The Trident Spike frame did a fine job at soaking up road shock. I had the opportunity to not only ride the trike on the streets and paths by my home but also on some crushed limestone paths as well.
Accessories: Trident mudguards, neck rest, rear rack are all quality pieces, pass on the rear light and mirror, you can do better.
In Conclusion: Trident has produced a nice trike with a lot of features that you would not expect in such a low price range.
Pros: Low cost, the trike is easy to fold, and the trike is easy to get on and off of. The seat has a nice shape and size. The trike is fairly light at 38 lbs.
Cons: I thought the handling could be improved but it still got me to where I was going, fine. The seat mesh fabric is comfortable but a bit warmer than others.
Best place to buy: Your local Trident bike dealer or
One might compare the Spike to the Terra Trike Rover and Rambler, and the Trident Stowaway.

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8 comments on “Trident Spike Trike Review
  1. Steff says:

    Great review very enjoyable to read. I have tired out this trike and it’s amazing! I am thinking about getting the trident Spike 1 trike. I am going to get mirrors & a rear light. However, I am just wondering would the trims still fold down with the extra accessories on it? Is the road legal? Thank you

    • brian says:

      It will fold with the accessories mounted. All trikes and bikes are street legal.

      • Jerry Mucci says:

        What are the major and worthwhile differences between the Spike and the Stowaway? Do they fold the same to the same size? Is one lighter weight? How important are double wall rims?

        I test drove an 8 speed Terratrike Rambler. For $1,599 plus tax ($1,711.99 total) it felt good, but only 8 speeds and single wall rims. I would occasionally like to run it like a wild man (at age 70) but not sure the rims would last – a LOT of stress in high speed turns. And our area is a bit hilly, so not sure the low gear, which I think is 24 gear inches, is sufficiently low. I also felt a bit like I tended to slide forward in the slopey-feeling seat.

        There is nowhere around where I live (The Villages, north-central Florida, where I can test drive a Trident.

        The “road legal” question got my attention. In the golf cart community I live in, 95% of the golf carts are restricted to golf cart paths – not legal on the roads. But bikes, whether $30 ones or $3,000 ones are legal on both the cart paths AND the streets. That is the ultimate flexibility.

        • brian says:

          The two trikes are really different form each other. The Stowaway used indirect steering which is superior over the direct steering on the Spike. The Stowaway has a lower seat and reclined back a bit farther. The Stowaway is more stable than the Spike and come with some accessories that you will want. The Stowaway is worth the extra money and as long as the seat height works for you. The Stowaway will be a better choice if you want to rid it like you stole it.

  2. Jane says:

    I am considering a Spike Trike. For and additional $500, I can get a Spike 380 which has no derailleur system. I know the difference between having a derailleur system and not in theory but can you tell me if it is worth the extra $500?

  3. margaret thompson says:

    I too am torn between a Trident and a Terra bike. Mine must fold and do so easily. The Trident wins here also like the taller set the is easier to get into. Would like the bike to be electrified but not possible with the Terra unless done privately. For the price of the Terra I can have an electrified trident. I M an older woman who was originally looking for. Conventional trike or. Delta version. Would most precise your input

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