Catrike Villager




The Catrike Village is one of our most popular recumbent trikes. The Catrike Village has a more upright 50 degree seat back compared to other similar tricycle with a 27 to 37 degree seat back for a more upright feel and ride. The Catrike Villager also has a 12-1/2” high seat compared to other similar tikes with seat height of 7” to 10” these two thing really set the Villager apart in the tricycle market. The higher seat height really make getting on and off the Villager easier. The Village has a 31” track, making the Villager stable and safe to ride. The Villager along with all the other Catrike tricycle are hand crafted in the USA using superior quality components and workmanship. With the Villagers lower weight, lower cost, and higher quality makes the Catrike Villager a sure winner.


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