Catrike Road AR




Catrike Road-AR is the evolution of Catrike’s famous Road series trike. The new road-AR employs Catrike’s anti-dive patent-pending front suspension spindle to take the edge off while allowing all wheels to move independently. The result is an incredibly stable and smooth ride.

In 2002 the Catrike Road was introduced, and it quickly became known as the flying carpet. Over the years, it remained one of Catrike best selling and most popular trike models. Catrikes has been working tirelessly on engineering and design while manufacturing there trikes in the USA. In 2012, Catrike developed a progressive-tunable rear suspension to dampen the ride while keeping the same sporty handling of a Catrike. Last year Catrike released the all-new, fully suspended Catrike Dumont with patent pending anti-dive front suspension. Catrike’s plan all along was to add this new technology to There new road-AR. The road-AR is now in production at Catrike factory in Orlando, Florida, and ready to put a smile on anyone’s face that climbs on to this sophisticated machine.


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