Catrike Dumont




  • The Dumont geometry is unlike any Catrike, It uses many unique parts which requires the design, construction, and alignment of numerous fixtures.
  • New technologies were adopted and each Dumont fixture is aligned and inspected using our new CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) to unmatched precision.
  • The Dumont has been through rigorous testing. Including, many test rides and geometry tweaks, FEA simulations of the frame, front and rear suspension. All of our designs are then validated with actual fatigue testing of the frame and all new front and rear suspension components. The Dumont frame, front and rear suspension has been through the design, testing, and redesign process several times. Each step of the way the components are tweaked and fine-tuned to perfection.
  • The Dumont uses an all new suspension material, Cellasto; numerous dynamic tests were required to experiment with the behavior of this material to achieve a truly optimized design.
  • With new technologies and designs we encounter supply chain and logistics obstacles that are being ironed out smoothly.

We know you are excited about the Dumont as much as we are. We appreciate your patience and understanding for the delays and hope you recognize; this time is being used to further improve this amazing product.

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Catrike Colors

Liquid Black, Lava Red, Atomic Orange, Firefly Yellow, Eon Green, Electric Blue, Candy Purple, Moon Rock Silver


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