True Bicycles Carry All Industrial Trike Review

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True Bicycle Carry All Industrial Tricycle

Currently out of production as of October 2021

The True Bicycle Carry All is True Bicycle’s first industrial tricycle model.  True Bicycle has been building recreational tricycles and bicycles for many years but is now spreading there wings and going into the industrial tricycle business with their latest model, the Carry All.  The Carry All looks very similar to another industrial tricycle called the Husky T-124.

Frame: The frame on the Carry All is TIG welded together in Asia.  The frame is constructed out of oversize shaped and manipulated steel tubing with a nice low step through, so you can get on and off the trike easily.  The frame is made in two pieces and easily bolts together with four bolts.  The paint is very thick and sprayed on evenly and consistently.  The rear frame contains four oversized sealed bearing for the axle to run through.

Gearing: The Carry All comes stock with a single speed coaster brake.  Coaster brake hubs offer the most reliable way to stop the trike and are preferred by most factories and warehouses. Simply pedal backwards a quarter turn and the trike will stop, just like the bike you rode when you were a kid.  The Carry All is also offered with a Shimano three speed coaster brake option.  The three speeds gives you a 33% lower gear so pedaling up a hill or into the wind can be more enjoyable than just having to muscle your way up on every hill. The chain and front sprocket is extra thick, compared to a standard bike, for added durability and reliability.

Brakes:  The front brake is a simple “V” style that is welded to the fork like most bikes on the market today.  The front brake comes with some large oversized brake pads which are more than capable of easily stopping the trike.

Seat: The seat on the Carry All is an extra wide version that is thickly padded with springs. The seat was comfortable enough and measured 11 ½” wide.  If the seat is not to your liking, you can easily change it because it uses a standard seat post clamp like most bikes.  The seat attaches to an oversize seat pole that can be adjusted for different riders’ height easily.  True Bicycle has an upgrade available to a western seat which measures 16” wide and comes with an extra support bar that goes from the bottom of the seat to the frame.  True Bicycles is the only company that is currently offering this type of seat and for an extra-large person, this would be a nice upgrade.

Wheels: The wheels are heavy duty steel with extra thick spokes.  All the wheels have sealed bearings for extra reliability and the sealed bearings require no maintenance.  The rear wheels are mated to a 17mm extra thick rear axle, capable of carrying up to 500 Lbs.

Ride: The Carry All is an industrial tricycle and designed for durability and strength, not how smooth it feels over a bump.  We found the steering to be light and crisp and to our liking.  If you are a large person you may find the distance between the seat and handlebars a bit close, if the seat was changed to the western style seat you could get further back and away from the handlebars which would be a plus.

Other Stuff: The Carry All is available with a rear basket, steel platform or a steel lockable cabinet.  The Carry All come with three fenders,  a chain guard, quick release seat and a reflector set.

Pros: True Bicycles painted almost everything that can be painted on this trike.  Many of these industrial tricycles see a tough life.  Many of these tricycles are at businesses where they are left outside in the weather 365 days a year.  I visited a resort in the Caribbean and they used industrial tricycles for their staff.  You could tell the trikes were fairly new but simply looked well aged because the salty air just ate all the chrome off the basket, handlebar, rims and other small parts.  This is where the True Bicycle Carry All distances themselves from all other tricycle brands.  The paint on all these parts will keep the Carry All looking better than other brands years from now.  The rest of the trike is similar to other trikes on the market, oversize frame tubing for strength and heavy duty wheels.  The rear axle is thicker and stronger than most other brands and the Carry All can carry up to 500 Lbs.  The Carry All comes with a wide comfortable seat with springs and wide puncture resistant tires.  The Carry All can be outfitted with a rear basket, platform, or lockable cargo box.

Cons: Wish the distance between the handlebars and the seat was 1”to 2” longer.

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