Heavy Duty Trikes

Greenspeed Magnum


Pros: The Greensped Magnum has two many pros to list all of them so here are our favorites.  Adjustable seat height, Swep back frame so it is easy to get on and off of, overbuilt components and aluminum frame, push button wheel removal.  The Magnum was exceedingly comfortable to ride and the handling in the Magnum is equal to to the best on the market.

Cons: Simply None we love the Magnum for what is is.

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Best place to Buy: www.industrialbicycles.com

Sun EZ-3 USX


Pros: East to get on and off of, Super comfortable seat, Suspension for a very comfortable ride.

Cons: A bit heavy compared to Tadpole style trikes

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Best place to buy: Your local bike shop or www.Industrialbicycles.com

Trident Titan


Pros: Price, Adjustable seat height, 400 Lbs capacity and folding

Cons: Hard to knock the Titan for the price, welding and paint is good but not OMG awesome like in the Magnum or ICE trikes.

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Best place to buy: Your local Trident bike dealer or www.industrialbicycles.com

Ti-Trike T-150


Pros: Super wide handlebars, and only 36 lbs.
Cons: Someone looking for a go fast trike that rips around corners, keep looking. The memory foams seat does not breathe so it will feel warmer than a traditional mesh seat. I was disappointed in the frame welding quality; the welds were huge and very sloppy. Ti Trike does most of the fit adjustment by sliding the seat closer to the pedals rather than adjusting the boom length.  The boom is very limited in it adjustability.  This is not the best way to fit someone to the trike because it can position someone to close to the handlebars or to far away. The handlebars are way wider than most people will like.  Very limited distribution and Ti-Trike is adamant about there trike can only be receive at a brick and mortar Ti-Trikes approved dealer. What that means is that Ti-Trikes can not be shipped to you, you have to pick up at a Ti-Trike dealer.

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Best place to buy: Check Ti-Trikes web site or www.industrialbicycles.com