Westport Trike Review


Lets look at the main features of the Westport Folding Trike:

Ok so what makes this bike special?  The first two features worthy of mention are the folding latch and the suspension.  Both add extra weight, so is the trade off worth it?

The folding mechanism is a good additional feature, it allows for storage of the bike in a much smaller area than would otherwise be possible.  Its not like a folding bike like a Dahon, you couldn’t for example take this on public transport. It would be far too heavy to carry anything more than short distances.

By adding suspension the Westport Folding Trike is much easier and forgiving over potholes and rough terrain.  As trikes tend to be less agile than their two wheeled equivalent this could come in handy, and definitely adds to make this a comfort bike.

The smaller wheels of this folding trike mean that its set lower to the ground than others, combine this with the low slung cross bar and its very easy to mount.  Great if you are of limited mobility.

When on the bike you will appreciate the comfortable saddle, and easy controls.  There are no gears, minimizing the amount of maintenance and dexterity required to operate.

Pros: The front Shock front fork helps smooth out the ride a bit.  Nice Paint evenly applied and the frame was TIG welded together like the Fold and Go.  The West Wind came with a wide comfortable seat but it is lacking the springs.  Chain appears to be nickel plated which should help it from getting rusty.

Cons:  No Options, the Westport only comes one way single speed freewheel with only a front hand brake.  No dealer network, good luck findingreplacement parts.

Best place to buy: Amazon