Folding Trikes

Folding Trike Shootout

We tested four folding trikes all of similar size and design but the Fold and Go was far superior compared to the Mantis, Kent Westport and Worksman Por-o-Trike.  The Fold and Go was far superior in quality, workmanship, and had more models to choose from.  A big factor should be can I get a replacement part and if I need service where can I get it fixed. works with your neighborhood bicycle shop along with selling direct to consumer. The Westport is sold through big box stores and on line and the Mantis and Port o trike through Walmart and Amazon.  Try getting a replacement wheel through Walmart, Amazon or a big box store, simply not going to happen.


Fold and Go Folding Trike

Pros: Available in single speed, three speed with coaster brake, and electric versions.  Two models of electric, one with Lead Acid battery and one with Lithium Ion.  All Fold and Go trikes come with aluminum rims, aluminum hubs and sealed bearing on the rear axle.  Other pros are a wide seat with springs, and a good quality paint applied evenly without any thin spots, True’s web site said power coat, and the True Trike come with a more standardized selection of componets.

Cons: Not available in single speed with a coaster brake, if a coaster brake is a must you have to purchase the three speed which come with a coaster brake.

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Best place to buy: Local bike shop or


Westport Folding Trike

Pros: Shock front fork helps smooth out the ride a bit.  Nice P\paint evenly applied and the frame was Tig welded together like the Fold and Go.  The Westport came with a wide comfortable seat but lacking the springs.  Chain appears to be nickel plated which should help it from getting rusty.

Cons:  No Options, the Westport only comes one way, single speed freewheel with only a front hand brake.  No dealer network, good luck in getting someone to work on it or getting a replacement part.

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Best place to buy: Amazon


Port-o-Trike Folding Trike

Pros: Assembled and painted in the USA.  Available in single speed freewheel, single speed with coaster brake, three speed coaster brake.  The Port-o-trike is also available in a three speed coaster brake with an electric motor and lead acid battery.   The seat is wide, but it lacks springs.

Cons: Sloppy brazed together frame and terrible paint on our sample trike.  The bearing in rear axle are not sealed, the other trike in our review have sealed bearings which requires less maintenance.  The Port-o-trike is heavier than the other trikes and comes with a special Worksman non standard made fork.

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Best place to buy: Amazon

mantis trike

Mantis Folding Trike

Summary: It’s the lowest price trike in our review, and the old saying goes you get what you pay for.  Spend a few dollars more and buy the True Bicycle Fold and Go.
Pros: Low price, seat was comfortable enough and the trike folded.

Cons: Unstable and low quality, no replacement parts are available, no dealer network, you will regret you purchase.

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Best place to Buy: Amazon