True Bicycles Freedom Electric Trike Review


The True Freedom is now discontinued and has been replaced with the Cruise Master

True Bicycle Freedom Electric trike is just what a lot of Senior Citizens are looking for.  The Freedom Electric come with a 36 volt, 250 watt Bafang motor and a 10.5AH lithium battery.  You can tell True Bicycles designed this trike with Seniors in mind.  True Bicycle has turned the speed down to about ten miles per hour which I think is about perfect for this trike and the people who they intend to sell it to.  Ten miles per hour is a safe speed, sure they could have made it go faster by changing the controller but you can tell they wanted it to go slower for these customers.  The electric assist can be used two different ways.  The first is like most electric bike and trike which is turn on the power and twist the throttle to make it go and use the throttle to  regulate your speed.  The second, and my favorite way to ride the Freedom which is with the motor turned on and pedaling normally.  True Bicycle has installed a crank sensor on the crank which knows when you are pedaling and sends power to the motor from the battery wile you are pedaling.  Using the trike in this fashion is a no brainier, the motor helps you wile you are pedaling and cuts out automatically when you stop pedaling.    I rode the Freedom Electric Trike thirty seven miles non stop using there pedal assist mode to see low long the battery would last and I have to say the the bike won.  My butt gave out after the thirty seven miles but I could not believe the battery still said full after all those miles.  The distance you can travel on this trike is much grater than most electric trike.  Most electric trike have a range of about fifteen miles.  How True bicycle was able achieved this type of distance was by offering a high quality motor, high quality lithium battery with a controller that is restrictive on the amount of electricity that is sent from the battery to the motor.  I get asked often about motor wattage and what size is best, as American we always think bigger is better but that is not what True Bicycle had in mind with the Freedom Electric.  I tell the people who ask me about motors size is to think of like compared the electric motor to a car engine and gas tank.  Your gas tank or battery is nine gallons or nine amp hours, now do you want a six hundred horse power engine or a two hundred and fifty horse power engine?  If you choose the six hundred you range will be less than half of the two hundred and fifty.  The Freedom rode beautiful on flat area by my home and slowed a bit on hills which was fine, so does my car.  For most riders it is enough power but if you live in a really hilly area then I would want more power.  The bumps are smooth out nicely with the suspension front fork, premium puncture resistant tires and twenty four inch wheels.  The brake levers have a motor cut off switch built into the brake levers for safety.

Frame: The frame is made out of aluminum that is TIG welded together.  The frame is very well crafted with a low step over and excellent quality welds and paint.  The front part of the frame has all the wire run through the frame for a super clean look.  The rear of the frame is made of steel and bolts to the front of the frame with four carriage bolts.
Drive Train: The Freedom Electric uses a three speed Shimano coaster brake hub with a twist type shifter.  The crank is a single chain ring style with a sealed cartridge bottom bracket for maintenance free service.  The rear axle is thicker than most other trikes and rolls on large pressed in sealed bearings.
Brakes: The rear brake can be applied simply by pedaling backwards a qiarter of a turn just like a bike you ride when you were a kid. The front brake lever stops the trike sufficiently with a standard v style front rim brake.
Motor: The Explorer Electric come with a 250 watt Bafang electric Hub Motor.  Never heard of Bafang?  Bafang is the highest quality electric hub motor manufacture in China producing over six hundred thousand motors. 
The guys at True Bicycles have really thought about who there target customer is and tailored a trike for this person.  You have a lot of options with regards to the motor.  First you can just choose to ride the trike as a standard trike with no motor assist.  Second you can tun the motor on with the key located by the battery and use the throttle to very your speed located on the handlebar.  Third and our favorite way to ride the Freedom electric was to turn on the motor on and simply start pedaling.  True Bicycles put crank sensor on the crank which senses pedal speed and pulls electricity out of the battery and sends it to the motor.  Depending on your rate of pedaling, the faster you pedal the more electricity the sensor sends to the motor.  We feel the Freedom Electric is really meant to be a pedal a assist trike and best suited for flatter terrain.  What really make us believe this trike is specifically targeted to Baby Boomers is the motor system.  The top speed on the Freedom Electric is eleven mph which is much safer and a more manageable speed for a seniors.  Some trike motor kits can go up to twenty Mph which we feel is unsafe for most people a on trike.  The throttle come with an economy mode button which which will slow the trike down even more.
Battery:  Power come from a  36 Volt 10.5Ah Lithium Ion battery located under the seat.
Ride: Long wheel base trike ride quite a bit  smoother over bumps compared to shorter wheelbase trikes.  The Freedom Electric also come with a suspension front fork which gives The Freedom Electric a very plush ride.
Summary: The Freedom Electric is perfect for people who wish have some help wile pedaling, the trike is comfortable, east to get on and off of and stable.  The Freedom Electric trike is ideal for senior citizens, mobility challenged people, and people who have balance issues.

Pros: Excellent quality, built in the USA, aluminum frame, front suspension.

Cons: If you are looking for a lot of power and speed this in not the right trike for you.

Best place to Buy: Your local bike shop or

  • Minimum saddle to pedal distance 30 1/2”
  • Maximum saddle to pedal distance 41 1/2”
  • Maximum weight capacity 375 lbs
  • Wheel base 54″ Front to Rear
  • Wheel base 33.5″ Rear to Rear
  • Seat post length 15” x 27.2mm
  • Top tube length 24 1/2”
  • Step over height 16”
  • Basket size 22 1/2” x 18 1/2” x 11”
  • Overall length 76”
  • Overall width 33”
  • Saddle size 9 1/2” wide 11” long
  • Wheel size 26” front, 24” Rear
  • Tires 26×1.75 Front, 24×1.75 Rear
  • Handlebar size 25 1/2” wide 8” high
  • Chain 1/2” x 1/8”
  • Chain ring 36 tooth
  • Rear sprocket 20×20 Tooth
  • Crank length 170mm
  • Pedals 9/16”
  • Weight 83.5 Lbs.
  • Axle diameter 17mm
  • Motor- 250 watt 36 volt Bafang brushless hub motor
  • Battery- Rechargeable, removable, 36 volt 10.5 amp hour
  • Top speed- Up to 15 mph, rider weight, rider input and terrain conditions
  • Range- Up to 30 miles with normal pedaling
  • Throttle- Grip type
  • Brakes- Coaster rear (foot brake), V-Brake front
  • Rider size- 375 Lbs, 4′-10” to 6′-6”
  • Frame- Aluminum
  • Warranty- five years frame 6 months on battery
  • Delivery- Arrives assembled to your home or place of business
  • Handlebar Bell