True Bicycles Fold and Go Deluxe Trike Review



True Bicycle makes there Fold and Go Tricycle in many different variations of the same trike.  The Fold and Go come in a single speed with two hand brakes or three speed with front Drum Brake and rear Coaster brake.  Both the single speed and three speed versions are available with a Bafang 350 Watt geared motor and lead 36 Volt and 15 Amp hour battery.  True Bicycle also manufacture the Fold and Go with a Bafang 250 Watt geared motor and a 36 Volt 9 Amp hour battery.  We tested the Fold and Go Deluxe with 250 Watt motor with the 9 Amp Lithium Ion battery .

True Bicycle Fold and Go adult tricycle is probably the most practical trike that we have ever tested.  The folding mechanism works superbly.  Simply unfold the quick release lever and lift up slightly to disengage the safety lock. The front of the trike will then fold back upon itself and the front wheel will be positioned inside the left rear wheel.  The handle bar stem and handlebar can be easily removed by loosening the quick release lever on the handle bar stem and slipping the handlebar stem out of the fork.  The shifter cable and brake cable are long enough, so you can place the handlebar inside the basket.  The seat and seat post can either be removed easily or lowered down by using the quick release seat post clamp.
Frame: The frame is made out of steel that is Tig welded together.  The welds are very nice and consistent looking.  True Bicycle did a very nice job with the hinge, adding a safety engagement pin and some extra reinforcement inside of the hinge.  We liked the extra gusseting that was welded to the hinge to add extra strength to the frame.  The hinge would be the weakest point of the frame so the Fold and Go Deluxe has a 215 lbs. rider limit.
Drive Train: The Fold and Go Deluxe uses a Sturmey Archer, three speed hub with a coaster brake for sure stopping.  The Sturmey Archer model  SRC3 hub is made of aluminum to help keep the weight down.  The gearing seemed to be just right, not too easy or not too hard and the rears are spaced a good amount apart.  The rear axle is coupled with four high quality sealed bearings along with two sealed bearings in the non drive wheel.  The chain is a standard 1/2 x 1/8 that you can find at any bike shop.   The crank is a simple one piece design with a traditional American bottom bracket.
Motor: The Fold and Go Deluxe comes with Bafang electric Hub Motor.  Never heard of Bafang?  Bafang is the highest quality electric hub motor manufacture in China, producing over six hundred thousand motors. 
The Bafang motor is so strong, it will literally burn rubber on take off, so if you choose not to pedal, the motor is plenty strong enough for your needs.
Battery:  Power come from a  36 Volt 9Ah Lithium Ion battery located under the basket of the tricycle.
Ride: Folding trikes are meant to be light and versatile.  The Fold and Go is both of these.  The short wheelbase of the folding trike, along with the smaller 20″ wheel make the trike perfect for tight areas.  One area that we thought the extra maneuverability would be great, at is street fairs or group outing.  Folding trikes are perfect for shorter rides.  If you want to go say five miles or more at a time, you might be better served by a recumbent trike that folds, but for short rides, the Fold and Go is close to perfect.
Summary: The Fold and Go is perfect for people who wish to transport their tricycle often and need a convenient folding tricycle that can be stored in a small space.  The low step through frame makes this tricycle ideal for senior citizens, mobility challenged people, and people who have balance issues. The Fold and Go is very versatile and can accommodate everyone from kids to grandparents. Not only is the Fold and Go perfect for shorter riders it is ideal for people between 4’-6’’ and 6’-0’’. 65.5 lbs.

Pros: Light weight for an electric trike, lithium battery, folding, quality parts, nice workmanship and attention to details.

Cons: None, we were very pleased with the whole package.

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  • Minimum saddle to pedal distance 25 1/2”
  • Maximum saddle to pedal distance 32” **
  • Maximum weight capacity 215 lbs
  • Seat post length 11 1/2” x 28.6mm
  • Top tube length 22 3/4”
  • Step over height 14 1/2”
  • Basket size 21” x 14 1/2” x 9”
  • Overall length 60”
  • Overall width 29 1/4”
  • Saddle size 12” wide 12 1/2” long
  • Wheel size 20”
  • Rims double wall aluminum
  • Tires 20×1.75
  • Handlebar size 25” wide 9” high
  • Chain 1/2” x 1/8”
  • Chain ring 36 tooth
  • Freewheel 16 Tooth
  • Crank length 6”
  • Pedals 1/2”
  • Folded Dimensions 34″ Long x 29.5″ Wide x 25.5″ High
  • Battery  Li-Ion 36v 9ah / 324wh
  • Battery Weight 5.0 lbs.
  • Battery Li-ion Charger : Input 100 – 240v 1.6a(max) , Output 42.00v 2.0a
  • 250 Watt Bafang motor
  • Total Trike Weight 65.5 Lbs.