True Bicycles Explorer Electric Trike Review


The True Bicycle Explorer is now discontinued and replaced by the True Quest

Not all trikes can be everything to everybody, just like an automobile some work better for your needs than others.  The Explore Electric is exactly that, the people at True Bicycles defiantly had a particular customer base in mind when designing the Explorer Electric.  You can easily see they were going after, the Baby Boomers.  With ten thousand Baby Boomers retiring every day for the next sixteen years, The Baby Boomer generation is the most powerful generation ever.  Baby Boomers were savers, and have more money that the people before or after them and now with retiring they have all the time as well.  Designing a trike with this group in mind is smart and True Bicycles should do well selling this trike.  We love going fast on light sleek and low tadpole style trike but they are not for most Baby Boomers, the Explore Electric is one of the easiest trike to get on and off of on the marker.  The Explorer Electric has a very high seat height 25 1/2″ which makes much higher than most other trikes of similar design.  The seat height is higher than a typical kitchen chair that you would have in your house so getting on and off the trike should be a breeze.  Beings the seat height is higher would typically make the trike less stable, but True Bicycles made the rear wheel farther apart to make the trike more stable.
Frame: The frame is made out of steel that is Tig welded together, the rear basket platform is bolted on separately and can be removed easily if you are looking for a sleeker look.  The frame is made out of oversize square tubing and looks to be very strong.  The front part of the frame dips down so you can easily swing your leg across wile getting on and off.  The frame looks very strong and should easily surpass the 375 Lbs. rider weight limit.
Drive Train: The Explorer Electric uses a seven speed Shimano derailleur and thumb shifter.  The crank is a single chain ring style with a sealed cartridge bottom bracket for maintenance free service.  The upper chain is run through a chain tube which is hidden behind the chain guard.  The rear axle is thicker than most other trikes and rolls on large pressed in sealed bearings.
Brakes: The rear brake lever has a double cable coming out to control the dual rear disc brakes and the front brake lever stops the trike sufficiently with a standard v style front rim brake.
Motor: The Explorer Electric come with a 350 watt Bafang electric Hub Motor.  Never heard of Bafang?  Bafang is the highest quality electric hub motor manufacture in China producing over six hundred thousand motors. 
The guys at True Bicycles have really thought about who there target customer is and tailored a trike for this person.  You have a lot of options with regards to the motor.  First you can just choose to ride the trike as a standard trike with no motor assist.  Second you can tun the motor on with the key located by the battery and use the throttle to very your speed located on the handlebar.  Third and our favorite way to ride the Explore electric was to turn on the motor on and simply start pedaling.  True Bicycles put crank sensor on the crank which senses pedal speed and pulls electricity out of the battery and sends it to the motor.  Depending on your rate of pedaling, the faster you pedal the more electricity the sensor sends to the motor.  We feel the Explore Electric is really meant to be a pedal a assist trike and best suited for flatter terrain.  What really make us believe this trike is specifically targeted to Baby Boomers is the motor system.  The top speed on the Explorer Electric is eleven mph which is much safer and a more manageable speed for  seniors.  Some trike motor kits can go up to twenty Mph which we feel is unsafe for most people a on trike.  The throttle come with an economy mode button which which will slow the trike down even more.
Battery:  Power come from a  36 Volt 10.5Ah Lithium Ion battery located under the seat.
Ride: Long wheel base trike ride quite a bit  smoother over bumps compared to shorter wheelbase trikes.  The Explorer Electric also come with wider 2.125 tires which give The Explorer Electric a very plush ride.  The Explorer Electrics wide seat bottom is easily adjustable with the two quick releases under the seat and fitted our bottoms just fine.  The tall seat back has a steel frame with a breathable mesh fabric.  The seat frame angle can be easily adjusted  with seat rods on the back of seat.
Summary: The Explorer Electric is perfect for people who wish have some help wile pedaling, the trike is comfortable, east to get on and off of and stable.  The Explorer Electric trike is ideal for senior citizens, mobility challenged people, and people who have balance issues. The Explorer Electric can accommodate people between 4’-6’’ and 6’-6’’. 100.5 Lbs.

Pros: A stable trike that is east to get on and off of and specifically designed for Baby Boomers.
Cons: The trike is wider and you may have difficulty fitting the trike through your household door, rear brake felt softer than most disc brakes.

Best place to Buy: Your local bike shop or


  • Minimum height requirement 4′-6”
  • Maximum height 6′-6”
  • Maximum weight capacity 375 lbs
  • Saddle height 25 1/2”
  • Seat Back Height 46”
  • Step over height 16-1/2”
  • Basket size 22 1/2” x 14 1/2” x 9”
  • Overall length 85”
  • Overall width 34 1/2”
  • Saddle size 15 1/2” wide 11” long
  • Wheel size 20” front, 24” Rear
  • Tires 20×1.75 Front, 24×1.75 rear
  • Handlebar size 23 1/2” wide 18” high
  • Chain 1/2” x 3/32” 7 Speed
  • Chain ring 36 tooth
  • Backrest size 22” high, 16” wide
  • Crank length 165mm
  • Pedals 9/16”
  • Weight 100.5 Lbs.
  • Axle diameter 17mm
  • Shipping weight  Lbs
  • Motor- 350 watt 36 volt Bafang brushless hub motor
  • Battery- Rechargeable, removable, 36 volt 10.5 amp hour
  • Top speed- Up to 11mph, rider weight, rider input and terrain conditions
  • Range- Up to 30 miles with normal pedaling
  • Throttle- Grip type
  • Brakes- Rear dual disc, Front V-Brake
  • Rider size- 375 Lbs, 4′-10” to 6′-6”
  • Frame- Steel
  • Warranty- five years frame 6 months on battery 1year parts
  • Delivery- Arrives assembled to your home or place of business
10 comments on “True Bicycles Explorer Electric Trike Review
  1. Gilbert Oros says:

    I bought one like this from you a few years ago. Is it possible to put a faster motor on it? I love the bike just wish the motor would go fast when I wanted to.

    • brian says:

      The motor and controller can be upgraded to get more speed. If you do so thought you will loose the pedals assist mode and will have to regulate the speed with the throttle.

  2. John Davis says:

    I wish to purchase an electric tricycle and need to find a Canadian dealer that handles the True Bicycle Explorer, The Raleigh Tristar iE
    or similar models.

    • brian says:

      The Explorer is discontinued. Electric motor kit can be installed on almost any tricycle or bicycle. I would recommend finding the trike that suits your needs then add a motor kit to it. Motor kit can be tailored specifically for the riders want and needs.

  3. Mike says:

    Where can I test drive a true bicycle and deluxe trike. I live in Northern Va, 22041

  4. Mike says:

    Where can I test drive a true bicycle and go deluxe trike? I live in Northern Va, 22041.

    • brian says:

      True Bicycle primary sells consumer direct but can work with your local bike shop if your prefer. Having your trike professionally assembled bey a bike shop is a very good idea.

  5. Andare says:

    I was thrilled with your Freedom model: discontinued. I’m a Baby Boomer and your Explorer model seemed ideal: discontinued!
    I like your company, but do you actually have any electrical tricycles for sale, now!. Where could I buy one in Salt Lake City, UT?

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