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ICE Sprint FS Electric, Posted on February 04, 2018

While there are faster trikes out there and trikes with more suspension travel, ICE has positioned the Sprint right down the middle between comfort and all out performance. The ICE Sprint is available in a variety of configurations. First, is a rigid frame with a 26 inch rear wheel. Second, is a rear suspension and rigid front end with either 20 inch or 26 inch rear wheel. Third, is a front and rear suspension with either 20 inch or 26 inch rear wheel. ICE offers all three configurations in an “X” version. An “X” version is the same, just built with no compromised high end parts. The ICE Sprint is one of my favorite trikes.  The workmanship in all ICE trikes are second to none.
Frame: The main frame on the ICE Sprint is 100% 4130 Chro-moly steel TIG welded together. I would have to say the welds are beautiful and of the highest quality in the industry. You will not be able to find any manufacturer building a better quality frame than ICE.
Paint: The ICE paint jobs are fantastic. The paint jobs are just perfect. It just not possible to do anything better. ICE offers the Sprint in your favor color which has to be red. I guess ICE likes to give you options on the components rather than colors.
Drive Train: The shifting is superb on the Sprint.  ICE has a large variety of drive trains: SRAM 8 Speed, SRAM 9 Speed, SRAM 10 Speed, Shimano Alfine, SRAM Dual Drive, and Roloff 14 speed internal hub drive train. ICE prefers the Shimano STEPS motor kits for a number of reasons. First, it does not hinder the rear suspension performance because you are adding no motor weight to the rear wheel and swing arm.  Second, the rear hub motors today have so much torque I have seen them damage frames on other trikes. Simply, the motor sometime pulls itself out of the frame, drops out, damaging the motor wires. Third, the Shimano Steps automatically shifts your trike so the motor is always working in the optimum range.  Currently ICE is using the Shimano Steps E6000 but will be offering the Steps E8000 by Spring 2018.
The E6000 compact, lightweight Shimano STEPS DU-E6000 drive offers a torque of 50 Nm. You can choose between 3 different drive modes (Eco, Normal & High). In the Eco mode, the battery provides a decent range of up to 150 km. There are several recommended tuning options for this drive.
The E8000 is a completely redesigned, particularly powerful drive that has been specially developed for e-mountain bikes. The engine scores with an extremely low weight (less than 3 kg). The maximum torque is 70 Nm. The battery power of the E6000 has been increased from 418 Wh to 500 Wh. You can choose between 3 support modes (Eco, Trail, Boost), which can be controlled via handy Firebolt gearshift levers.  This should ensure a particularly harmonious shifting. For many experts, the system is now regarded as one of the very best MTB drives on the market.  The driving experience should be extremely similar to that of conventional mountain bikes, without an engine. Another good alternative is the Bionx motor kits, which offer cutting edge technology, very good customer support and you can get the Bionx motor kits in 350 Watt and 500 Watt systems.
Brakes: ICE chose my favorite mechanical disc brake system, the Avid BB7 brakes with the Tektro disc brake levers. This combination stopped the trike consistently and had no brake rub. I have no issue with the mechanical brakes and I am a big Avid fan. They are simple, reliable and easy to adjust. A super convenient feature of the Avid mechanical brake is that each brake pad can be adjusted independently, so you can really dial in your brake adjustment. ICE trikes use a rear “V” brake and a remote lever for it’s parking brake. The parking brake works very well and is very easy to use.
Seat: The seat height on the Sprint is a low 8 inches and the angle is adjustable from 37 to 44 degrees. Sprint seat fabric is the best in the industry.  They are way ahead of their competitors. The seat mesh is breathable on the back, so your back does not get too hot and sweaty.  The bottom is breathable as well. ICE put in a breathable foam pad in the bottom of the seat to give you some extra support, plus extra comfort. The sides of the seat mesh have just the right amount of extra padding to not only cushion you from the seat frame, but also helps hold you in the seat a bit.
Ride: There is a lot of good trike manufacturs out there building premium trikes and ICE is one of the companies at the top of that list. The ride and handling on the Sprint is simply awesome. Riding the full suspension Sprint, you will instantly notice the suspension smoothing out the ride. Both the front and rear suspension is easily adjustable. The rear suspension can easily be adjusted by moving the elastomer up or down on the swing arm. The elastomer also can also easily be changed out to one that is stiffer or softer depending on your personal wants and needs. I have rode all the ICE Sprint models and they all feel glued to the ground around corners, even the full suspension version. I thought how can I test the ICE Sprint’s front suspension in the most extreme condition? Let’s just do everything that you should not do on a trike. So I went out to find a down hill section and headed down. When I got some speed built up, I turned hard and braked at the same time knowing just what could happen. I was very surprised, the trike seemed to know that I was about to do something stupid. I thought the front suspension would dive under during hard braking, especially going down hill and into a turn but that just never happened. The Sprint full suspension was just super stable and gave me a very confident feel after my test. The indirect steering that ICE offers is precise and accurate. The feeling is light and you do not have to use much effort to make the trike go where you want it to go. Living in the Midwest, our roads and paths are quite bumpy, for my personal taste. I like the full suspension best with either the 20 inch or 26 inch rear wheel. Yeah, the full suspension is more money and Yeah, ICE trikes can get expensive, but man you can’t take that money with you to the grave. So what are you waiting for? You should live large.  Treat yourself to something way cool every now and then.  You will be happy you did on down the road.
In conclusion: The ICE hit the nail in the head with the Sprint. The Sprint is lively, fun, comfortable, and handles fantastic.  It is everything you would want in a trike. The Sprint is very stable.  If you are a person who wishes to ride the trike like you stole it, you will really like the sprint.
Accessories: ICE is one of the best companies when it comes to accessories. ICE has just about everything you would ever want to add to your trike.
Pros: Fantastic handling, and comfort with some of the best build quality in the industry.
Cons: This trike is fantastic. There is not one thing I can knock on this trike. The seat height of 8 inches may be to low for some people.
Best place to buy: Your local ICE bike dealer or
One might compare the ICE Sprint FS to the HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 20 or Hpveloecthnik Scorpion FS 26

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2 comments on “ICE Sprint FS Electric Review
  1. Tomas Mapua Lim says:

    I have an ICE Sprint FS with 20 inch wheels. I inquired about a retrofit to make it a pedal assisted trike. The answer from the factory is that it was not possible. I have been trying to find a way to obtain information about the YAMAHA electric assist kit, but have not been able to contact them. The website for the Philippine always gets me transferred to the Latin America website which does not have any information about the electric assist kits.

    • brian says:

      I do not believe Yamaha has any kits available. Yamaha is concentrating on selling there own ebike. Look at the Falco Motors they will do everything you are asking for.

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