True Bicycles Low Step Trike Review


True Bicycle Low Step Series of trike can be perfect for people who have mobility issues.  The Low Step is available in Single Speed with two hand brakes, Three Speed with front hand brake and rear coaster brake and is also available in electric versions.  The Low Step tricycles is one of the lightest, and best quality traditional delta style tricycle on the market.

Frame:  The frame is made of aluminum to keep the weight down and the welding is flawless.  The paint on our test trike is a nice medium blue metallic that was sprayed on evenly and consistently.
Gearing: Our test trike came with a three speed coaster brake which made it easier for pedaling up a hill or into the wind.  According to the True bicycle web site the Low Step single speed come only in a freewheel version.
Braking: The braking on our three speed version can be accomplished by simply pedaling about one quarter turn backwards with the pedals like the bike you rode when you were a kid.  The Coaster Brake is ideal for people who may have some arthritis in there hands, low hand strength or just feel safer with the coaster brake, which they may already be accustom to.  The single speed version come with a rear band brake that is attached to the rear axle.  Band brakes are the most commom brakes out side north America and used exclusively in third world countries because of there simplicity and reliability.  Both trike come with a front V brake which stoped our trike just fine.
Seat: The stock seat was wide and comfortable and appealed to us, according to the people at True Bicycle there is soon to be a super wide seat available.  The super wide seat will be the same seat as used by Sun on there traditional trike which we also liked.  The super wide seat will also come with support rods that come from the seat to the frame like the Sun Traditional trike.  According to the people at True Bicycles the super wide seat will put the rider farther back on the trike adding to the trikes stability. 

The Low Step tricycle is perfect for shorter riders, it is ideal for people between 4’-6’’ and 6’-2’’.  Our low step through frame makes this tricycle ideal for senior citizens, mobility challenged people, and people who have balance issues. Only  56 Lbs.

Pros: The Low Step trike is available in single speed with two hand brakes and three speed with front hand brake and rear Coaster Brake.  It is obvious why True Bicycles named this trike the Low Step with a step over height of only eight inches it is the easiest trike to get on of the group.  The trike will accommodate riders from  4’-6’’ to 6’-2’’ and come with a quick release seat post for easy adjustment.  A western style seat can be added in place of the current seat of someone so wishes. The Low Step frame is made of aluminum which makes it lighter than the other trikes and the welding and paint is beautiful dun. The rear axle come with sealed bearings to keep dirt out. The Low Step also has the larger basket and come with three fenders painted to match the frame. Only 56 Lbs.

Cons: A slight bit less stable that the other trikes due to a more upright seating positions.
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  1. Ron Ligman says:

    How many inches off the ground does one have to step?
    Retail price on this version?
    Wisconsin location to purchase?
    Otherwise shipping cost?

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