TerraTrike Tour II Trike Review

TerraTrike Tour II

TerraTrike Tour II, Reviewed on November 9, 2015

The TerraTrike Tour II lives on. If you look at TerraTike’s first trike design you will see a resemblance to the Current Tour II. With about four generations in between and a lot of refinements, you now have the descendant of that first trike. The Tour II is positioned as a touring trike from TerraTrike. The Tour II is the only trike in the TerraTrike line up that is an indirect steer trike which has a bit lighter steering feel compared to TerraTrike’s other pre 2016 trikes. The Tour II is the only trike that you can add a 26 inch rear wheel to correctly. The 26 inch rear wheel will improve the ride quality and top end speed of the trike.
Frame: The frame on the Tour II is a non folding Chro-moly steel, TIG welded together and come with a 300 Lbs capacity. The Tour II has the lowest seat height of all the TerraTrike models. The Tour II frame comes in one size and three different boom lengths to choose from.
Paint: The paint was nice on the Tour II. It was applied evenly and consistently with no thin spots or runs.
Drive Train: The Tour II comes two ways. First, is called the Tour II Base which is a 24 speed drivertrain made by Microshift, which is a Taiwan manufacture of bicycle drivetrains. Even though you may not have herd of Microshif,t they have been building quality bicycle drive trains for quite a while. The Microshift system is just a better value and higher quality than the SRAM or Shimano at the same price. Second, is the Tour II GT which is a 27 speed drive train and uses a mixture of higher quality parts from a number of different brands.
Brakes: The brakes on the Tour II are ProMax mechanical disc brakes, which does a fine job stopping the trike. If you move up to the Tour II GT, you get a higher performance braking system, the Avid BB7. The Avid BB7 brakes are my favorite non hydraulic disc brake. They just work so well. The Avid BB7 brakes are easy to adjust and you can readily get replacement brake pads at your local bike shop. The brake levers have a parking lock where there is a button on the brake lever that you can push and lock the brake in the on position.
Seat: The seat on the Tour II is the same shape as the Ramble and Rover, a simple nylon seat mesh with straps that hold it securely to the seat frame. The Rover II seat height is 12 ΒΌ inches, which makes it the lowest in TerraTrike’s line up. The seat on the Tour II can be adjusted from 54 to 85 degrees. The seat slides easily along the main tube of the frame for people with different leg lengths.
Ride: The Tour II Chromoly frame does a good job at absorbing the road bumps. The Tour II has a small turning circle and is agile enough. TerraTrike offers a 26 inch wheel upgrade for the Tour II. Even though the trike was designed for a 20 inch rear wheel, the attachment brackets are designed correctly not to raise the back of the trike. For someone looking for an improved ride quality the 26 inch rear wheel, it is a nice upgrade. The handlebars are at the side of your hips for a bit more comfortable and ergonomic position.
Accessories: Terratrike is one of the best companies when it comes to accessories. Terratrike will be including their new Heal Sling on all trikes moving forward in 2016. One of the worst thing that can happen while riding your trike, is to have your foot slip off the pedal which can cause an accident. In my opinion, just about everyone should be riding with clipless pedals and cycling shoes. Clipless pedals and shoes are safer and simply more comfortable than wearing your standard street shoes. For the people who can not be talked into the clipless pedals and shoes, there is the new Heal Sling. Terratrike also had a long list of well made accessories like racks, neck rest, mudguards, seat pads and mounts for lights and computers.
In Conclusions: The Tour II is getting a bit dated and there are somethings that needs to be updated, but still a solid trike.
Pros: Chro-Moly frame, Indirect steering, TerraTrike quality.
Cons: Trike design is getting a bit dated. Non adjustable boom.
Best place to buy: Your local Terratrike Dealer or www.industrialbicycles.com

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