Hp Velotechnik Scorpion FS 26 Enduro




The Hp Velotechnik Scorpion FS Enduro Recumbnet Trike has the plushest and most refined suspension system system available. The Scorpion FS Enduro suspension is quick responding along with precise steering and optimum steadiness makes this trike a pure joy to ride. The MacPherson front suspension offers 6cm / 2.4 inches of travel. The rear suspension offers 3.54” of travel and is designed to use standard steel coil spring or air-chamber rear shock. HP Velotechnik’s reliable No-Squat-Design assures fast acceleration without unwanted power loss from the suspension.

The Scorpion FS Enduro suspension and adjustable BodyLink seat assure a relaxing and comfortable ride. The aluminum frame’s cross member is curved upward and forward to meet the extra durable wheels up front. The curved cross member also allows easy access to the seat and avoiding heel interference for smaller riders. The Scorpion FS Enduro has a wide track than other trikes, 31 3/4” and the wheelbase of 43 1/2” guaranteeing a stable, comfortable ride and safe braking. The Scorpion FS Enduro fits through standard doorways and has a tight turning circle of just 17.6′. With a seat height of 11 1/2” with the Body Link Seat or 3.54” 9cm higher and more upright with our high mesh seat. Folded size 125x83x62mm with rack and wheel on. The biggest difference with the new Scorpion FS Enduro over the regular Scorpion FS is a change in the rear wheel size from a 20 inch to a larger 26 inch wheel. The folding if the rear wheel is also changed to a flat folding rear wheel.

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Glowing Yellow, Custon Color, Double Custom Color


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