Sun Eurus Trike Review


The Sun Eurus is Sun Bicycle top of the line Delta style recumbent trike, it provides all the stability and control available while offering a little more upright seating position. 

Frame: The frame is made out of aluminum that is TIG welded together.  .  The front part of the frame dips down so you can easily swing your leg across while getting on and off.  The frame looks very strong and should easily surpass the 300 Lbs. rider weight limit.
Drive Train: The Explorer Trike uses a eight speed Shimano derailleur and twist type shifter.  The crank is a single chain ring style with a sealed cartridge bottom bracket for maintenance-free service.  The upper chain is run through a chain tube to keep the chain from bouncing and keep your leg clean.  The Eurus come with a SRAM Dual Drive which is basically a three speed hub mated to a eight speed cassette.  This same system is used by HP Velotechnik on there $4355.00 trike.  The Dual Drive allows you to shift the three speed hub while stopped which can be a big advantage on a hill.
Brakes: The rear brake lever has a double cable coming out to control the dual rear disc brakes.  The front brake lever stops the trike sufficiently with a standard v style front rim brake.

Wheels: The rims are a premium double wall aluminum, along with stainless steel spokes and aluminum hubs.  The Stainless Steel spokes are standard gauge easily found at any bike shop.
Ride: Long wheel base trikes, ride quite a bit smoother over bumps compared to shorter wheelbase trikes.  The Eurus also has skinnier tires which makes the Eurus a very efficient trike.  The very wide seat bottom is easily adjustable with the quick releases under the seat.  The tall seat back has a aluminum frame with a breathable mesh fabric, we were very happy with the comfort of this seat.  The seat frame angle can be easily adjustable with seat rods on the back of seat.
Summary: The Eurus Trike is perfect for Senior Citizens who are looking for comfort, stability, and an easy trike to get on and off of. The Eurus Trike can accommodate people with and X-Seam of 35″ to 44″. 52 Lbs.

Pros: A stable trike that is east to get on and off  and specifically designed for Baby Boomers.
Cons: The trike is a bit less stable due to it high seat height.

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4 comments on “Sun Eurus Trike Review
  1. Dick Astley says:

    how much does it weigh and how long is it

    • brian says:

      Key Features:

      Fully Adjustable Seat
      24 Speeds
      Locking Brake Levers
      Disc Brakes

      Wheel Base: 59″ (150cm)
      Overall Length: 78″ (198cm)
      Seat Height: 23″ (58cm)
      Width: 32″ (81cm)

      Weight: 52lbs
      Weight Limit: 300lbs
      X-Seam: 35-44″
      One Size Fits Most

  2. Earl Warrington says:

    Looking for mobility trike to support for someone weighing 400lbs. Something that could be used to get around an office or moving across town. It would act as an office seat as well.

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